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Julien, Marchand, “wish they knew”

BOSTON — Other than being a part of the Bruins’ 4-1 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes Tuesday night at the TD Garden, both forward Brad Marchand and head coach Claude Julien had one other thing in common.

After seeing a slew of penalties dished out in the third period, Julien and Marchand were just two of five Bruins — along with Milan Lucic, Nathan Horton and Zdeno Chara — who were handed misconducts.

While Chara, Horton and Lucic were given misconducts for their actions on the ice at 14:19 of the second period and 11:30 and 16:10 of the third period, respectively, Marchand and Julien’s ejections seemed a little puzzling.

Although neither Julien, nor Marchand, threw the officiating completely under the bus Tuesday night, they still voiced their displeasure at their misconducts.

“I wish I knew,” Julien said about his misconduct, which, like Lucic’s, was handed to him at 16:16 of the third. “I guess when they announced the misconduct on Milan I just shook my head. And I guess that’s merit for why I got kicked out. That’s all I can come up with.”

“I didn’t get much of an explanation,” Marchand said about his 10-minute misconduct that was handed to him at 11:49 of the final stanza. “They just kind of yelled at me and I went back to the bench and I heard it over the PA that I got a 10, so I don’t really know why. It happens.”

Just when Rich Peverley seemed to have gotten the Bruins some momentum with his power play tally at 10:59 of the final frame — his third of the year — things started to unravel. Not that the Bruins were playing that well all night, mind you. After all they fell behind early thanks to shaky play yet again in front of Tuukka Rask.

But nearly two and a half minutes after Peverley’s tally, the misconducts started coming, beginning with Horton. From there, the ‘Canes had capitalized twice on 5-on-3 power play’s with goals from Eric Staal at 13:26 and Tummo Ruutu at 14:58.

All this resulted in some of the restless Bruin faithful throwing debris on the ice several times during the third period. A bench minor was called at 16:16 for the incident(s), but Julien, while again not pointing the finger directly at the officiating, still did not get an explanation from the officials.

“At one point…all I can say there was so much going on there,” Julien said. “I wasn’t given an explanations for anything that was going on. At one point, all I asked from them is ‘guys, what’s going on here’. But when a game gets to a stage like that, I don’t think they would want to waste too much time running around explaining at benches and things like that. So I don’t blame them for that.”

While they tried to stick up for each other, Marchand and the Bruins could not get the end result. As a result, their emotions ran a little out of control when they couldn’t get the ‘Canes to oblige when they were asked to drop the gloves.

“I think we just try to stick up for teammates a lot of the time,” Marchand said. “We have that philosophy in our group that we stick up for each other; guys just going to bat for each other and that’s all it was. A couple of tough calls by the refs there, but that’s part of the game.

“Emotion is a big part of the game and we have a lot of guys who like to play that style and when they try to play it, sometimes the other guys don’t want to answer the call and that’s what was happening tonight.”

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