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The Bruins let Matt Cooke off the hook

The Bruins take it easy on Matt Cooke

Remember when Mike Tyson was on top of the boxing world some 20-25 years ago? Iron Mike ran through his competition like a hot knife through butter en route to capturing the IBF/WBA/WBC heavyweight titles during the mid-80’s.

He was on his way to the best of all time. The greatest ever. His name, along with his destructive style, came along with the hoopla that people ate-up and with every schedule bout — regardless of the pay-per-view cost.

And of course, we would dish-out the criminal fees to HBO to watch Iron Mike nearly decapitate his latest victim. After all, months had passed since the Champ fought. The promoters did such a good job of hyping it up — especially during the weigh-ins — that we couldn’t be “that guy” who went to work [or school, in my case] the next day without watching it and talking about it.

But with every Mike Tyson fight, along with the hype, came one sure outcome: It was usually over by the fist round.

Sure, his opponent may have danced around for a few moments. Heck, he may have even landed a few jabs to wake-up the beast. But one thing remained the same for many, many years. Mike won effortlessly, and he won quickly.

The same thing could be said about the Boston Bruins last night at the TD Garden. Losing — and losing bad — to the reigning Stanley Cup Champions, Pittsburgh Penguins, 3-0.

But the score does the debacle no justice. This game was never really close. Akin to a Mike Tyson fight in the 80’s, it had the anticipation and the makings to be one of the greatest events in a long time. [read more –>]

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