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Matt Cooke gets what he deserves: Karma

Evander Kane may be 18-years-old and 190 lbs., but he showed the power behind his right jab akin to Joe Louis of the 1930’s.  And to much of the Bruins’ fans delight, this knockout punch landed on the chin Pittsburgh Penguins’ forward, Matt Cooke.

The Atlanta Thrashers defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins tonight 1-0, but it was the one-punch KO by the Thrashers’ forward that is the most talked-about thing in Atlanta since the Kovalchuk trade.

Fast forward this hockey-fights.com video to 1:31 for the slow motion KO. Booyah!

It was exactly 34 days ago when the head-hunting Cooke delivered a blindside head-shot to B’s center Marc Savard, which ultimately ended his season. Many of the Black-and-Gold backers were foaming at the mouth for this type of retribution and outcome at the TD Garden on Mar. 18 by the hands of one of their own. But hey, in this case, it’s better late than never.

The only thing that would have made this even sweeter is if No. 24 did in fact need that stretcher to get his knocked-out-butt off the ice. Maybe this long-overdue-ass-kicking will make that weasel Cooke think twice about being the prototypical agitator and quintessential goon next time.

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