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Coming soon: 2009-10 Boston Bruins individual report cards

After the recent egg-laying by the Boston Bruins in Game 7 at the TD  Garden, I decided to forgo my ranting and ravings until a later date.

Instead, I will jump-start my individual report cards — in order of jersey number — for each player of the 2009-10 Bruins team starting this Monday, May 17 [I need the weekend to cool off and come back with a clear mind]. Each day I’ll post a brief synopsis and final grade of a new Black-and-Gold player that should run until the beginning of June.

So keep an eye out here and Twitter as I’ll be bringing something new everyday. And maybe somewhere in between I’ll be posting my annual “Must-keep free-agents for the 2010-11 season”. And as always, comments — both positive and negative — are always welcomed.

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  1. May 15, 2010
    Think we all need a few days off to recover.

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