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Recchi closes book on Hall-Of-Fame career

(Brian Babineau/Getty Images) Recchi was on the ice for the banner ceremony and was presented with the Bruins jacket.

There’s no better way to end an amazing career then the way Mark Recchi ended his. The future first ballot Hall-Of-Famer called it quits after winning his third Stanley Cup last season. Recchi was suited up on the ice as the Bruins passed Lord Stanley’s Cup around minutes before raising their championship banner to the TD Garden rafters, and it was a great feeling seeing No. 28 skating around one last time.

Last night’s ceremony was the end of the final chapter of Recchi’s Hall-Of-Fame career; it was certainly an emotional night for him.

“Just a lot of emotions, really. It was great to get that last opportunity to go on the ice with the guys and go on the ice, period, as an NHL player. When you do it at the end, I wasn’t really thinking about it and [knowing] this was going to be it” said Recchi. “These last couple days have been hard. It was an exciting day, but it was a sad day, too, at the same time. But it was so great to be out there with the guys. I had no idea that was coming, the jacket thing, so it got me pretty choked up. I love the guys, and they mean the world to me, and it was a great experience, to be here with them for that.”

Everyone knows the story behind the Bruins jacket that made its rounds last season and throughout the playoffs, so Recchi being presented with the jacket was a true honor.

“It meant a lot to our team. It was a very proud thing for the guys after games, and we were very proud of it. When Andrew brought it in and we started it, it was a special thing, and to be able to get it last in Vancouver and then get it repeated tonight, in front of your home crowd, is something I’ll never forget.”

Recchi does not plan on keeping the jacket; instead he plans on leaving it where it belongs.

“Actually, it’s going to stay here. We’re going to put it in a case here and put it where it belongs, right in the dressing room, somewhere in the dressing room. That’s where it belongs, and I want to keep it here. Every time I come into the dressing room, I’ll see it, and the guys will see it and know what it’s all about.”

Although his NHL playing days is now over, that doesn’t mean that the 43-year-old is staying away from the game.

“I’m coaching my son, working out here and there, drink a lot of wine. Not a whole lot right now. I might do a little bit of TV – the second half of the year, I might do a little bit of TV just to keep myself in the game, and at some point I want to get into management, so I want to do that. Between juniors and now it’s been 26 years of going at it, and I need to take a break and hang out with my kids.”

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