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Joe Corvo finally working out for Bruins

(Getty Images) Joe Corvo who had three assists in last night's win is finally starting to turn his play around.

Minutes after “puck-moving-defensemen” Tomas Kaberle signed with the Carolina Hurricanes as a free agent, the Bruins acquired defensemen Joe Corvo from the very same Hurricanes team.

Like Kaberle who struggled in the role, Corvo is a power play specialist and was brought in to do what Kaberle failed to do.

Corvo’s start with the Bruins wasn’t exactly what people expected. Through his first 11 games Corvo had just three points, all assists and was a minus-6 on the year. As the days passed Corvo’s playing time started to dwindle.

As the Bruins picked up their overall play, Corvo did the same. During the Bruin’s four-game-win streak we have seen a new Corvo, the one everyone hoped for when he was acquired in the off-season.

Corvo has four assists in the last four Bruins win and is an impressive plus-7 in those contests. Two of those assists came on the power play in last night’s 6-3 win over the Edmonton Oilers.

The American born defensemen has noticed the improvement in his play, and is happy with it.

“Yeah, well I’ve been kind of feeling it the last three games, like something was going to happen. I think I’ve been feeling a lot more calm out there, and making things happen. I was just waiting for that big night to happen and it was tonight”

Watch Corvo play and you’ll notice he’s a very shot-happy defensemen, his 31 shots on goal ranks him 27th overall among NHL defensemen, but Corvo credit’s fellow defensemen Johnny Boychuk for his crisp accurate shooting.

“I give all the credit to Johnny [Boychuk]. He let me use one of his sticks and it’s a lot more, a lot stiffer and I just feel a lot better with it. Just getting my head up more, and I see the holes. And just getting it on net.”

Bruins head coach Claude Julien has also been very impressed with his newest defensemen.

”He’s probably more comfortable, for one thing. The other thing is, he’s really playing better. Players have slow starts, players don’t have the starts they’d like, and I’m sure he’s one of those guys that felt he could have been a better player earlier on” said Julien. “You’ve got to give him an opportunity to work his way out of it, and that’s just way we deal with things around here – we kind of support and help players work their way out of it. As long as you see the work ethic and the desire, you can work with those guys, and that’s what he’s done. He’s just starting to come around, and I think we’re starting to see the Joe Corvo that we knew we were getting when we got him this summer.”

If Corvo can continue his solid play and start sneaking some pucks past the opposing goalies, things could get better for Corvo and the Bruins.

Here are the three goals that Corvo assisted on in last nights win:

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