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Player(s) of the Week: April 15-22, 2013

Player(s) of the Week: April 15-22, 2013

One week ago runners took their marks at the Starting line in Hopkinton, MA and set out on a 26.2 mile journey towards the finish line on Boylston Street in Boston for the 117th Boston Marathon. It took countless hours of training to get to this point, but the end result of the crowd cheering as the medal is wrapped around your neck is worth the sweat and tears.But for some individuals their lives were changed forever on this day and they did not get to celebrate their accomplishment due to the tragic events that took place on April 15, 2013.

As thousands of fans poured on to the streets after the Red Sox walk off win, it just added to the great scene outside along the streets of Boston. It was another beautiful day with family and friends cheering on and slapping high fives to each runner that passed by.

But, at approximately 2:50 p.m. that day of smiles turned to screams and tears. Two bombs went off at the finish line killing three individuals and injuring 176 others. Most were injured very badly and their lives will be changed forever.

As chaos ensued after two extremely loud bangs, first responders, Boston Police Department, Boston Fire Department, civilians and Marathon helpers at the Finish Line ran to the aid of the individuals who were severely hurt. It was a matter of seconds after the bombs went off. Instead of running for safety, these individuals ran back into the “war zone” to help innocent bystanders. You know why? Because that is who WE ARE. WE ARE BOSTON. AND WE ARE BOSTON STRONG. First responders were carrying victims to ambulances and taking the shirts off their backs to stop the bleeding and get these individuals to a hospital. If it was not for these brave and courageous people, the damage could have been a lot worse and we can’t thank the first responders enough.

Another “Thank You” to Boston Law Enforcement for capturing these two suspects and bringing them to justice. To say it was a tiring week for them would be an understatement.

The images of Boston Law Enforcement slapping each other five and driving down the streets of Watertown, MA with residents along the sides of the street screaming “Thank You” and “U-S-A” was a site to remember.

It was a very scary situation for Watertown and all surrounding cities and towns, but with the help of BPD, FBI, ATF, MSP, MBTA, WPD, ICE, NEMLEC, EMS, BFD, MIT, SWAT and YOU, we are Boston Strong and can breathe a little easier now knowing that one of the suspects is dead and one is in custody. The family and friends of Martin Richard, Krystle Campbell, Lu Lingzi and Sean Collier can be at peace knowing the two held responsible for their losses are being brought to justice.

Yesterday at the TD Garden, the Boston Bruins took place in their “Fan Appreciation Day-Shirts off Their Backs” and it was not even debatable who deserved these jerseys. First responders gathered on the ice as Bruins players engaged in hugs, “Thank You’s” and conversations. It was just a moving scene on the ice for a sold out TD Garden to see.

Boston Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference spoke about the post-game ceremony and the first responders.

“The first thing those guys probably want to do is just go home and have some quiet time and collect their thoughts and for them to get out yesterday for the Sox and today with this, I’m glad that some of them were able to come and just see how much everybody appreciates them,” Ference said. “From the teams to the fans, everybody wants to give back and just show our love for them, so it was really great and everybody stuck around and gave them such a great ovation. I’m happy for them so that they can see from people just how much they’re appreciated.”

Patrice Bergeron also spoke about the ceremony honoring the first responders at the end of their 3-0 victory over the Florida Panthers yesterday.

“It was great,” Bergeron said. “It was a special moment and we feel lucky to have a chance to actually shake their hands and talk to them because not everyone has a chance to do that and we feel very lucky to do that and I thought it was a great moment and a great gesture from the Bruins to actually do that, and for us it was easy just to give our jerseys and have a chance to see them, so it was a great moment.”

It has been one dramatic week here in Boston, but nothing will keep us down. We may have been bent, but we will not be broken. Boston is as a resilient a city as there is in the world. We will rally around one another and bring this city back to normalcy.

One more “Thank You” to all the first responders that day and Boston Law Enforcement for bringing the two suspects to justice. We can’t thank you enough. WE ARE BOSTON STRONG.

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