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  • Retaliation on Cantankerous-Cooke will have to wait


    Retaliation on Cantankerous-Cooke will have to wait

    Joe Makarski March 8, 2010

    A name synonymous in Boston amongst the Bruins faithful as a cheapshot, marked-man, and public enemy No. 1;  Randy Jones is an afterthought now. Yes, the Bruins backers now have a new enemy — rightfully so — in Pennsylvania, named Matt “bleepin” Cooke.

    The video is out there in may different angles, speeds, and formats. Replay it over and over 100 times and the action and result is still the same.

    Unfortunately, we can’t turn back the clock to let Shawn Thornton or Zdeno Chara loose and vent their retributions on the cheap, cantankerous Matt Cooke in hindsight. After all, this wasn’t Cooke’s first debut in cheapshots: it was just his latest. I do agree, however, that some sort of retaliation was merited, especially with over five minutes remaining in the third. But that time will have to wait until the B’s finish-up their seven-game road-trip when they head back to the TD Garden on Thursday, Mar. 18 at 7:00 p.m. ET.

    Their opponents: Pittsburgh Penguins.

    Surely Cooke should be handed down a suspension from the NHL’s Sr. VP and Director of Hockey Operations, Colin “The Sherriff” Campbell. And what perfect timing for a cheap head-shot like this to occur [if there’s any positive to come out of it] as the NHL’s general managers meeting undergoes today. But for when and for how long remains to be seen. While Black-and-Gold fans would love for to Cooke relieve a well-deserved 10-game suspension, that would run into Mar. 18 reunion between the two Eastern Conference team.

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