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  • Bloggers burning questions: 2010-11 Eastern Conference


    Bloggers burning questions: 2010-11 Eastern Conference

    Joe Makarski October 1, 2010

    Boston Bruins, hub of hockey, the hub of hockey, NHL, Boston Bruins 2010-11 season, 2010-11 NHL season, Boston Bruins questions Fellow NHL blogger Ryan Porth, of the very cool RLDHockey.net, does one heck of a job of keeping close tabs on all 32 NHL teams while include other writers in the blogosphere to help collaborate on some ‘Burning Questions’.

    This time around, Porth asked the bloggers in the Eastern Conference one hot question surrounding each team, as they head into this upcoming 2010-11 NHL season.

    So without further ado, here are the 2010-11 Eastern Conference’s Burning Questions:

    Atlanta Thrashers: Moving Dustin Byfuglien to defense was the right move: True or False?
    “The Thrashers have great depth at defense and could use more size up front. I would prefer to see Byfuglien remain a forward because that seems to solve an organizational need. On the other hand, GM Dudley has followed his career very closely. If anyone has a grasp on Byfuglien’s potential at defense it is GM Rick Dudley.”
    – Matthew Gunning, Bird Watchers Anonymous

    Boston Bruins: Can the offense survive without Savard if he’s out for a lengthy period of time?
    “We all saw what happened to the Bruins last year when Savard went down on three separate occasions: last in the NHL in goals and 23rd overall with the man-advantage—and they were only that good on the PP because of the 41 games Savvy did dress.

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