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  • Bruins four-game win-streak: Confident but not yet satisfied

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    Bruins four-game win-streak: Confident but not yet satisfied

    Joe Makarski October 22, 2010
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    Nathan Horton/Photo: Bridget Samuels/Ikeastan Hockey

    BOSTON — Last season, the Boston Bruins fought until the second week of November to finally win in consecutive games.

    But with a new NHL season now underway — along with a few new faces that have already improve this hockey club — the B’s have have now made four-in-a-row en route to a 4-1-0 overall record.

    With back-to-back victories over last year’s President’s Trophy winners — including a 4-1 dominating victory in last night’s home-opener at the TD Garden — the Bruins’ confidence is riding-high…yet are still remaining level-headed about the early start.

    “It’s just the beginning.” said Bruins’ captain Zdeno Chara. “We can’t get satisfied; we always have to be hungry and look ahead of us and not look at the standings or the record. Right now it’s still early in the season  that by Game 4 or 5 you can’t be thinking, ‘oh we have it now’, we have to earn it for a number of games and throughout the year.”

    After a 116-point season in ’08-09, the Bruins struggled all season long last year to find their sense of identity, chemistry, and consistency; winning 14 less games and nearly 70 less goals from their ’08-09 mark.

    “”It’s a great start to the season for us, for sure.” said Bruins’ left-winger Milan Lucic. “[last year] It was almost a sort of complicacy. It almost seemed like we were trying too hard to put on a show at home and trying to be too fancy and what not.” said Bruins’ left-winger Milan Lucic. “Instead of playing that hard-nosed game that we’ve been playing the last four games.

    “Obviously it didn’t work for us last year so we don’t want to make that same mistake.”

    Head coach Claude Julien said this team, now, is exactly what they were looking for last year.

    “This year is probably, for most people, resembling more what we looked like a couple of years ago because of the depth that we have up front.” he said. “What we were looking for last year is what we’re getting this year.

    Now rolling like a freight train with a four-game win-streak and a goals-for average of 3.20 per game, the Bruins realize that — despite their hot-streak — it’s no time to get complaisant or take their foot off the gas pedal.

    “I think we definitely have a deep lineup and all the guys are having fun right now.” added Lucic.

    And from Sunrise, Fla., to Boston, Mass., Nathan Horton was all smiles as usual after the game. And why not? He’s finally getting the chance to showcase his untapped potential and skills to the rest of the league on such a big market club — now having posted 4-3-7 scoring totals in five games with the black-and-gold.

    “It’s been a lot of fun. I can’t stop smiling because I’m having so much fun.” said Horton. “The guys are great and everyday it seems to get better and I don’t know how it can — but it has and it’s bee a great time.

    ” We’re playing great together as a team and that’s what counts. that’s where we want to be and just keep winning games. Its fun when you win and hopefully we don’t stop.”

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