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  • Julien speaks his mind on Meyers’ “cheap shot”

    Post Game

    Julien speaks his mind on Meyers’ “cheap shot”

    Joe Makarski December 23, 2010

    BOSTON — One of the many highlights that ensued during tonight’s Bruins vs. Thrashers game at the TD Garden happened at the end of the final frame, with Boston leading Atlanta 4-1.

    Freddy Meyer elbowed Milan Lucic at 15:54 of the third period that resulted in a melee akin to the infamous Dallas Stars game at the TD Garden back on Nov. 1, 2008. The result ended with five game misconducts and 100 penalty minutes.

    Bruins head coach Claude Julien spoke his mind during the post game press conference and let the Boston Media know exactly how he felt.

    “Until that dirty hit. And that was a dirty hit. I looked at it again and it’s a cheap hit and hopefully it’s seen that way. If you’re a player, with all the head injuries we’ve had, the concussions, and all that stuff that’s happened to our team — whether it’s happened to Bergeron whether its Savard,” Julien said. “And we’re talking about cutting down on head shots. You can’t blame a player for reacting.

    “I’m going to stand here and say our guys stood together for something — to me — a real cheap shot and uncalled for, and hopefully the league sees it that way too.”

    The Bruins head back on the road with their extended away stretch on Monday…and will meet the Thrashers in Atlanta once again, exactly one week from today.

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