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  • It’s all about the Colin Campbell conspiracy


    It’s all about the Colin Campbell conspiracy

    Joe Makarski November 15, 2011

    (Getty) Greg Campbell celibrates with his father Colin after the Bruins won the cup thanks to Colin last season

    Ask any hockey fan, media member, caveman, or anyone that’s not a Boston Bruins fan, and they will tell you that thanks to Colin Campbell, the Bruins won Lord Stanley’s Cup. They will tell you that because of Colin Campbell, Zdeno Chara, Nathan Horton, and Milan Lucic where not suspended. They will tell you that because of Colin Campbell, murders walk away punishment free, and thieves get away free with thousands dollars worth of money and items.

    It’s simple in life; want to get away with something illegal? Just make sure Colin Campbell is on your side. Let’s take a deeper look into the huge effect Bruins fourth line grinder Greg Campbell’s daddy, the former Senior Vice President and Director of Hockey Operations has had on the Bruins.

    It starts last season in Montreal when Zdeno Chara rides Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty into a stanchion which was deemed a “hockey play” Habs fans call shenanigans and based off of Chara not being suspended the Bruins go on to win the Northeast Division which then causes Game 7 on the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals to be played in Boston instead on Montreal, a game the Bruins won in overtime.

    Colin Campbell/Bruins-1 Rest of NHL-0

    As the Bruins skated off of the St. Pete Times Forum after a 5-4 loss in game six of the Eastern Conference Finals the Bruins were peppered with noisemakers from the Lightning faithful. In frustration, Nathan Horton sprayed a fan with water from a water bottle. No suspension was given to Horton who went on to score the only goal in the decisive game seven that sent the Bruins to the Stanley Cup Finals.

    Colin Campbell/Bruins-2 Rest of NHL-0

    This season, the Bruins get off to a slow start, and continued it with back-to-back loses to the Montreal Canadiens kicking the defending Stanley Cup Champions down to the basement of the NHL, so what does Colin Campbell do next? Oh he only makes a few phone calls setting it up so the Bruins face their opponent’s back-up goalie in three straight games (Toronto, Edmonton, New York), pretty much guaranteeing victory.

    Colin Campbell/Bruins-3 Rest of NHL-0

    Then just yesterday after a meeting with Brendan Shanahan the current NHL’s chief player disciplinarian who took over for Campbell, Milan Lucic was not suspended for his open ice hit on Sabres goalie Ryan Miller. Despite not having an official hand in the ruling, it’s clear that Shanahan was just following the code set by Campbell before his resignation.

    Colin Campbell/Bruins-4 Rest of NHL-0

    Last week while parked illegally, I received a $100 parking ticket. Hey Campbell, where you at?!

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    1. bostonchumps January 19, 2012

      Here here, you speak the truth my friend. The boston bruins call the canucks the most arrogant team in the league, yet after one chumpionship they act like they’re the second coming of jesus.It’s always been their MO, set up a smokescreen and divert attention to themselves, because they are the most cheapest,dirtiest team in the nhl.And you will never see a Canadian team win the cup so long as Bettman is jooing the system.Maybe that’s why the bruins can’t win with class, or lose with class, and why they seem to be perpetually angry with the canucks and the league all the time, cause they know they cheated their way to the cup, thanks to little gregs dad and his sock puppet, Shanahan.Soonr or later, there will be street justice on the ice, and im guessing the rats on the bruins team like marchand and chara will be elbowed into permanent retirement.Remember Steve Moore?

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