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  • Rolston finally getting comfortable with Bruins after 4-point night


    Rolston finally getting comfortable with Bruins after 4-point night

    Chris Chirichiello March 20, 2012
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    (photo: nhl.bruins.com) Brian Rolston is getting into a groove with the Bruins after a four-point night against the Leafs.

    Many Bruins fans wanted General Manager Peter Chiarelli to make a big splash during the NHL trading deadline that took place a few weeks ago. But the GM reiterated once again that he wanted to find more pieces to add to the puzzle — that’s where Brian Rolston came in. Rolston was reunited to The Hub of Hockey after not having put on the Bruins sweater since the 2003-04 season. The 39-year-old American-born forward had his coming out party last night — a four-point night — versus the Toronto Maple Leafs, scoring a goal while notching three assists.

    Rolston is finally getting acclimated with his team and linemates leading to his recent success.

    “Yeah, I feel more comfortable now absolutely,” Rolston said. “I felt like when I came over I wasn’t in the shape I needed to be in and obviously you feel your way out and what they expect out of me and what this team is all about, it takes some time to get comfortable. My line has put up some points the last couple of games and that’s a great thing. I think we have good chemistry as a line as well.”

    Many NHL officials may have written off Rolston, but he knew he had something left when he left the New York Islanders.

    “Yeah, I knew that I did and I know that I do,” Rolston said. “That can be the most frustrating thing as a player. To get this opportunity here to play, it means a lot to me and obviously you build confidence as a player and they put confidence in you.”

    Since donning a Black and Gold sweater, Rolston has upped his totals as a Bruin to 2-6=8 and a plus-3 rating in 12 games. But No. 12 knows he doesn’t have to be a 50 point player for the B’s, but a role player that can produce every night he takes the ice.

    “Well, you know what I didn’t want to go out and help the team on a nightly basis,” Rolston said. “You know, they obviously brought me in as a depth player and I just want to produce. I know that I can and I want to do that. Tonight, a lot of things went well, but there’s no reason why we can’t continue to produce.”

    Again, Rolston gave credit to his line mates Chris Kelly and Benoit Pouliot, who have made his time on the ice that much easier.

    “Well Kells (Kelly), he’s a player that plays in every dimension of the game-he is great defensively and he can make things happen offensively-he’s a pleasure to play with,” Rolston said. “Benny (Pouliot), I know a little bit about him and what he brings, he’s a tremendously talented kid and I just think we’re supporting each other well and we’re building a little bit of chemistry, but it’s a lot of fun to play with these two guys.”


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