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  • The right gear for your next season


    The right gear for your next season

    Joe Makarski June 19, 2012

    Once your hockey season is over, it is time to start thinking about the things you will need for next year. Hockey equipment is constantly evolving in response to the needs of the players. When you start to read reviews for Hockey Monkey, you will see the trends that are developing and how they can help improve your game.

    The primary goal of any piece of hockey equipment is to offer optimum performance. Whether the equipment is designed to protect you, help you skate faster or allow you to take a harder shot, you need to stay up on the newest equipment to sharpen your game:

    – Helmets 

    One of the pieces of hockey equipment that has changed the most over the past 20 years is the helmet. In the early days of professional hockey, there was not a lot of emphasis placed on wearing helmets. As time has gone by, the helmet has become a mandatory and important piece of equipment to players at every level.

    The newest trend in helmets is preventing concussions. The padding on the inside of a helmet has been replaced by an intricate network of pads and supports that are designed to allow the helmet to absorb the punishment and protect the head.

    The other advancement in helmets is the widening of the field of vision. The helmet sides are being pulled back further to allow the player better vision when on the ice. If you want to perform your best, then get a new helmet.

    – Pads 

    The problem with hockey pads has always been the balance between weight and protection. A few years ago, pad manufacturers were obsessed with making the pads lighter but also providing optimum protection. Goalie armor and player shoulder pads got thinner, but were able to absorb a lot more punishment to protect the player.

    The newest trend is preventing the pads from getting weighted down with perspiration and water from the ice. Jerseys, pads and pants are all being made with material that is designed to deflect water and prevent the pads from getting weighed down.

    – Skates 

    The advancements made in thinner but more protective padding have helped to improve the protection in the skates as well. Newer skates are allowing more mobility, but they are also offering more protection in the ankle and foot areas. This is especially important for goalies and players that block shots.

    Before you step on the ice for next season, make sure that you have the latest technology in hockey equipment working for you. It could be the difference between a disappointing season and your best one yet.

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