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  • Fan poll: Will Tyler Seguin reach the 30 goal plateau this season?


    Fan poll: Will Tyler Seguin reach the 30 goal plateau this season?

    Joe Makarski August 30, 2012

    (S. Babineau/Getty Images) Tyler Seguin has another year under his belt and this may be the year he reaches the 30 goal mark.

    Will Tyler Seguin will finally reach the 30 goal plateau in the 2012-2013 season? The answer to that question is yes. In his second full season with the Boston Bruins, Seguin netted 29 goals while dishing out 38 assists in 81 games played. Next season will be the year that Seguin goes off. He will be in the same group of names as the Kovalchuks, Ovechkins and the Kessels of the world (if he isn’t already).

    I do not think he is Stamkos ready and to be honest, I don’t think anyone is. He is on a different planet when it comes to scoring goals.

    Seguin has been to two training camps with the Bruins and he is beginning to mature like the Bruins thought he would. In the 2010-2011 season, Seguin only scored 11 goals. In 2012, Seguin ballooned his total to 29 goals. Seguin is only 20 years old and is beginning to make strong relationships on the ice with his line mates. There is no reason why this kid cannot score 30 goals or more for the next 10 seasons. He is that talented. He was the youngest player in team history to lead the Bruins in scoring with career-highs in all offensive categories.

    Funny thing is, this kid cannot even have a legal beer yet. There is much to get excited about with Seguin and for the folks who do not think this kid can score 30 or more goals in a season, dream on. He hasn’t even peaked yet and is still a Stanley Cup champion. Think about that.

    So what do you think Bruins fans, well Seguin score 30 goals this. Of course is the NHL Lockout doesn’t put a dent into 19’s quest for 30.

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