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  • Tim Thomas heading to the New York Islanders


    Tim Thomas heading to the New York Islanders

    Joe Makarski February 8, 2013
    Tim Thomas, Boston Bruins, The Hub of Hockey

    (Photo: Bridget Samuels/) Tim Thomas will need to move out of his bunker and pack his bags for New York as he was dealt by the Bruins to the Islanders early Thursday evening.

    Well Bruins fans, Tim Thomas will most likely never have to worry about visiting the White House in the near future after he was dealt to the New York Islanders Thursday evening for a conditional second round pick in 2014 or 2015. Thomas must play a game this season or next in order for that to come into fruition for the Bruins. That is the “condition”. The Bruins will also clear five million of cap space immediately.

    It is officially “Tuukka Time” in Boston although Tim Thomas cannot be forgotten for his efforts in 2011 as he indeed lead the Boston Bruins to their first Stanley Cup in nearly 40 years. He was a two-time Vezina Trophy winner with the Bruins, a Conn Smythe Award winner and most importantly a Stanley Cup Champion.

    General Manager Peter Chiarelli met with the media regarding the Thomas trade and reiterated how important Timmy was during his tenure in Boston.

    “I’d like to talk about Tim, obviously, was a great, significant part of our Stanley Cup winning team, Chiarelli said. “He had a very good career here, and I can’t say enough of his contributions to the team. Two Vezina trophies, a Conn Smythe trophy, the journey he took us on in the Stanley Cup was amazing. I was happy to be along for the ride.”

    The Bruins Daily crew even weighed in on the trade that got Thomas out of his bunker in Colorado and back to hockey relevance (we think).

    Tim’s take: “The Tim Thomas era is officially over in Boston and it is a good thing for all parties involved,” Rosenthal said. “The Bruins don’t have to carry his cap hit, the Isles are over the cap floor and even if he doesn’t report, Thomas can still hide out in his Colorado bunker. On the other hand, maybe this gives Thomas a little more motivation to return and perhaps get a head start for U.S. Olympic team in 2014, assuming the NHL is still planning on going to Sochi next February.”

    “Of course, we are still waiting to see if he’ll post anything on Facebook and perhaps make another cameo with Peggy,” Rosenthal said. “But for now, he’ll be remembered in the “Hub of Hockey” for backstopping the Bruins to their first Cup title in 39 years as well as his now infamous political stances.”

    Dan’s take: “Tim Thomas will always remain instilled in my head and heart as the underdog who brought the Stanley Cup home to Boston,” St. Pierre said. “There’s no arguing the fact that Timmy wasn’t the most ideal teammate off the ice. However, there are few players in the NHL who brought the type of intensity #30 brought on a nightly basis.

    “As good as Tuukka Rask has performed in Thomas’ absence, it’s important for Bruins fans to remember that it’s a two-time Vezina Trophy winner and former Conn-Smythe recipient who is walking out the Garden doors for good,” St. Pierre said. “As far as the return of the trade of Thomas goes, the Bruins are walking away with a high draft pick and the cap room to acquire a key piece before April’s Trade Deadline.”

    Anthony’s take: “The Tim Thomas era in Boston was a great, but stange one,” Travalgia said. “There’s no doubt that without Thomas in between the pipes the Bruins don’t win the cup in 2011. In his last season in Boston, it seemed that Thomas may have turned his back on the Bruins, but regardless of what happened in that final season, in my opinion, Thomas will go down as a Boston sports legend.”

    So, Bruins fans get out your cassette players and start singing “It’s so Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday” by Boyz II Men if you miss the goaltender because Tim Thomas is not walking through that door. Tuukka Time is in full effect. Officially.

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    1. Casey February 8, 2013

      Thanks Tim for the cup and the memories.All the best in the future!

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