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  • Soderberg agreement blocked by Swedish Federation


    Soderberg agreement blocked by Swedish Federation

    Joe Makarski April 11, 2013
    Boston Bruins Hockey, Bruins Blogs, Carl Soderberg, Swedish Elite League, Sweden

    (Photo credit: Boston Bruins) Carl Soderberg won’t be donning the Spoked B anytime soon thanks to the Swedish Federation blocking an agreement for him to come and play in the National Hockey League.

    As if the Jarome Iginla saga wasn’t enough, there’s a new dealbreaker in town.

    This time it comes from the Swedish Federation, who will not be released to the NHL according to Marie Lehmann of “Hockey Night in Sweden”. Here are Lehman’s tweets of the news – that includes a statement from federation president Peter Forsberg (not the longtime former Colorado Avalanche) – below.


    In 60 games with Linkoping, the 27-year old led the Swedish Elite League with 31 goals and 29 assists.

    A report earlier in the week from prospects guru and New England Hockey Journal’s ownKirk Luedeke had Soderberg signing a three-year deal by the end of the week. Presumably, however, the federation blocked the move to keep him in Sweden and represent his country in the 2013 IIHF Championships, held May 3-19 in Stockholm and Helsinki, Finland.

    Either way, Soderberg wasn’t happy to hear the news according to reports.


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    1. J Ross April 11, 2013

      They can’t force him to play if he doesnt want to… Canada or usa never have been able to… They just get players when the get eliminated from the BEST league in the world….

    2. Casey April 12, 2013

      Why force him or anyone else to play? People who are forced to do something will not put in much effort.

    3. The NHL has blocked contracted of Russian players with the KHL and other European league teams. Now the Bruins and perhaps a few NHL teams will have to do the same. What goes around comes around and now the Bruins are feeling the effects of similar behaviours by NHL teams and the NHL.

      He will play for Sweden in the World Championship which will be played in Sweden and Finland, the Final this year bring in Stockholm. If not, he will NEVER play for Sweden in the Olympics again!! Quite simple. Then he will have noone to blame but himself. Play for Sweden in the World Championship and then resign with the Bruins for significantly more money after HE leads Sweden to the Gold medal. Win win for both him and Sweden, but not for the Bruins this year, but for many to come!! Like Lindstrom and Zetterberg for the Wings. The Swedes can play hockey with best of them, and the Swedish and top Russian league, KHL are getting more competitive with the USD dropping and dropping due to record budget deficits by the USA government. Who will pay off the debt. Children, grand children and even perhaps great grand children. Not a great legacy to leave to one’s children. At least in Sweden, the government knows how to balance a budget.

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