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  • Former P-Bruin creates hockey game app

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    Former P-Bruin creates hockey game app

    Anthony Travalgia April 29, 2013

    The majority of professional hockey players love hockey as it’s more than a job to them, for Nolan Schaefer, that is certainly the case. Schaefer who attended Providence College, spent time with numerous NHL and AHL teams including the San Jose Sharks and Providence Bruins during his time playing professional hockey in North America.

    Schaefer can now be found playing goal for HC Ambri-Piotta of the Swiss National League, but it’s not goaltending that Schafer is currently focusing on, it’s developing that the 33 year-old Schaefer is working on. Schaefer is launching his very own hockey game app for all mobile devices, and Schaefer was kind enough to sit down with Bruins Daily to discuss his project.

    Schaefer discusses his time playing hockey in New England, which Bruins scored on him during the lockout, and of course, Ice Hockey Shootout, his new Hockey Game App.

    Bruins Daily: Nolan, you just finished your second season playing for HC Ambri-Piotta of the Swiss National League. From a personal standpoint, how has that gone for you?

    Nolan Schaefer: Statistically, not great, but I’ve really had some great accomplishments and feel that it’s not indicative of my personal performance. I have my Swiss passport now and feel I have established myself in the league, and just hope to have a long career here in Switzerland.

    BD: Obviously the majority of your professional playing career has been played in North America, as a goalie, what is the biggest difference between the North American style of hockey, compared to the style of hockey overseas?

    NS: Rink size is the biggest difference. I think that the rink size really changes many aspects of the game such as patience, physicality, and speed, as well as angles for goalies.

    BD: Between going to school at Providence College, and spending time with the Worcester Sharks and Providence Bruins you have spent plenty of time playing hockey in New England. Looking back at your time with those three teams, what was your favorite moment?

    NS: Tough call on that one, I love New England.  Hockey wise I would have to say playing in the Bruins organization. So many great guys on that team and such a historic organization. Life wise had to be Providence College. Met my wife, got my education, and really matured as a person through my experiences there…not to mention had a little fun :).

    BD: This past season you got to play with and against some of the current NHL guys during the NHL lockout which includes Bruins’ forwards Tyler Seguin and Patrice Bergeron. Did you get to play goal against either of those two, and if you can recall, did they score against you?

    NS: Yes….and yes. Does a one legged duck swim in a circle? Had a great time seeing them again, I had a shutout against Bergy [Patrice Bergeron] one game. But I think Tyler got at least 2 on me when we played against Biel.

    BD: Now you have a pretty cool project in the works called Ice Hockey Shootout, a new hockey video game app. Can you explain to us what Ice Hockey Shootout is?

    NS: It’s a fun new hockey game for your Iphone,Ipad,or Ipod touch. You can choose between playing as the goalie or the shooter to gain points and purchase awesome equipment upgrades.
    You can also play live head to head shootout style, or compete against your friends for bragging rights.

    BD: What was it that drove you to create a hockey video game app of your own?

    NS: I just love hockey, and I am a creator. I need to constantly be making something. I figured why not make something in the area of my profession. I also graduated from PC with an art degree. So all the artwork you see is by my design.  I just really had fun doing it as well.

    BD: From a developing standpoint, how much input have you had in the creation of Ice Hockey Shootout, and who else has helped build the foundation of the game?

    NS: To be honest, I had a say on everything…. was frustrating but worth it. Then I also made a complete 180 in the middle, and took over all art development. It’s definitely a small reflection of myself.

    BD: If you had to name your favorite aspect of the app, what would it be?

    NS: I really, I love the “attitude” of the game. The Music of Keith Caro, Michael Benedetto, and “Miss M” is so perfect for the game. Then it’s got some really fun upgrades that came straight from my imagination. But my favorite part can only be described as the combination of things, the hockey “attitude”.

    BD: How much input on ideas have you gotten from your teammates?

    NS: I really did use a few if their ideas, one guy said “Change the net”, and so I did. Another said “that looks funny”, so I fixed it. Was great to have their input and support on this for sure.

    BD: Lastly Nolan, when can fans start playing Ice Hockey Shootout and how can they get it on their mobile devices?

    NS: They can get it on May 15th by downloading it from the APP store. If they want to get a sneak peek the website is www.hockeyshootout.wix.com/icehockeyshootout and they can find out more on twitter. www.twitter.com/hockeyshootout.

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