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  • Last minute Christmas gifts for Bruins fans

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    Last minute Christmas gifts for Bruins fans

    Tim Rosenthal December 23, 2014

    This is Part 1 of a two part holiday feature for Bruins. Today we focus on the last minute holiday gifts for Bruins fans. Check back for Part 2 on Friday (Boxing Day) where we’ll discuss the trade list that Peter Chiarelli should have during the holiday season.

    In less than 48 hours, fans around the world will gather around their Christmas tree. Presents will be unwrapped, eggnog will be served and images of children smiling from ear to ear will make their rounds.

    There are some people, like your’s truly, who wait to put off Christmas shopping until the last minute. So for those who put off driving to the malls or shopping online at the latest possible time, we came up with a quick list on what the last minute Christmas gifts for Bruins fans.

    Give us two last minute Bruins related items that any B’s fan should have and why.

    Tim Rosenthal: A tour of the new pro shop at TD Garden is a must if you haven’t seen it yet. Even if the prices are relatively expensive, the selection of items are endless. For those who want to keep up on their book collection: Bobby Orr and Derek Sanderson’s autobiographies are well worth adding to your personal library.

    Anthony Travalgia: Every fan needs a jersey. Whether it’s Milan Lucic, Tuukka Rask or Patrice Bergeron, you need to be rocking the black and gold any time you enter TD Garden. Second gift any Bruins fan needs is a TD Garden gift card. So when you enter the TD Garden in your new Bruins jersey, you obviously need to enjoy some cold beverages and tasty hot dogs.

    Bob Snow: No more shootouts, beginning next season — 10-minute OT of five minutes 4-on-4 and five minutes of three-on-three. Ties after OT end in no points for either team.

    Chris Chirichiello: First and foremost – a Patrice Bergeron Jersey: In the midst of all the trade talks, make your purchase of the #37 jersey because he isn’t going anywhere and he is a future Hall-of-Famer. It’s a safe investment for the Holiday season. Next, how about a Bruins Christmas sweater: The ugly-looking Bruins Christmas sweater is now on sale in the pro shop so why not purchase one and be the best dressed at your Holiday party?

    Dan St. Pierre: Just yesterday, I came across some Bruins-related items that I deemed a must. First, how can you go wrong with a pair of cuff links that are crafted from a game used Bruins hockey puck? One step better than cuff links, the next must-have item is a Bruins bottle opener which is crafted from the TD Garden plexiglass during the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals. You can find both items here: https://secure.stinkysocks.net/apparel/gifts

    Bruins pro shop

    The new Bruins pro shop at TD Garden is a must visit for the Bruins fan this holiday season (Photo credit: Tim Rosenthal, Bruins Daily)

    Next, some non-related Bruins items (hockey or non-hockey related) and why:

    Tim: U2 is one of my favorite bands and I haven’t seen them live. With four dates at TD Garden set for the middle of July, I’m hoping to see tickets for one of the shows pop up as a stocking stuffer. Also, you can never go wrong with any old school Hartford Whalers paraphernalia.

    Anthony: New England Patriots tickets. Now that the Patriots are the number one seed in the AFC, New England’s ensured at least one home playoff game. What better way to spend a frigid Sunday(or Saturday) then cheering on the Patriots in Foxborough.

    Bob: A realignment of Stanley Cup Finals assuring a Canadian team is in. No Finals are as good without a team north of the border.

    Chris: Grab the new iPhone 6 from Santa this Holiday season and while you’re at it, be sure to download DraftKings to draft the hockey team of your choice and compete against your friends. Book a trip to a warm weather climate: While the cold weather is upon us, take your sick days at work and book a trip to Florida or a tropical island to reward yourself for all your hard work at your occupation and of course, to get out of the cold.

    Dan: Book a trip to see a Bruins game on the road. There’s nothing quite like throwing on black-and-gold attire in a opposing arena while you enjoy the local cuisine (and breweries) as a weekend getaway.

    Finally how will our staff be spending their Christmas season?

    Tim: Celebrating Christmas with family and friends at home before heading to New York for the weekend. I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty excited to see the Pinstripe Bowl and the new Yankee Stadium for the first time.

    Anthony: With family and friends. Happy holidays to all!

    Bob: With family.

    Chris: I will be spending Christmas with my friends and family.

    Dan: At an undisclosed bunker with former Bruins goaltender, Tim Thomas. Happy Holidays!

    From everyone at Bruins Daily, we hope you enjoy these last minute Christmas gifts for the Bruins fan and have a safe and Happy Holiday season!

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