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  • Paquette holds no regrets in fights with Chara

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    Paquette holds no regrets in fights with Chara

    Tim Rosenthal January 15, 2015

    By this point, Zdeno Chara’s one punch knock out of Cedric Paquette has gone viral. Two days later, Paquette was asked about it.

    The Bolts rookie responded to questions regarding the incident from Paquette’s two altercations with Chara to Brad Marchand’s quote about the encounters after the Bruins’ 4-3 win over the Lightning on Tuesday night at the TD Garden.

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    Paquette should be applauded for trying to make a name for himself and for trying to protect his teammate, Matt Carle, after Chara got called for boarding. At the same time, he still might want to reconsider things before he sees Chara and the Black and Gold again.

    “I went over and just told him not to [board Carle] again and I think he didn’t like that,’’ Paquette told Lightning beat writer Eric Erlendsson of the Tampa Tribune. “He got me on the chin and the throat all in one motion, he surprised me, I didn’t expect that, but that’s part of the game. We never said anything [about fighting] he never talked to me at all. He cross checked, I cross checked him back and he suckered me right away.”

    Perhaps Paquette will try to exact some revenge on Chara when the two teams meet again on March 12 at the TD Garden. He may even have a few exchanges with Marchand after his comments from Tuesday night.

    “I don’t know what that kid was thinking. I mean, you know, you don’t mess with Zee,” Marchand said about Paquette vs. Chara. “He took a pretty hard punch the first time and I don’t know what he was thinking going back. He must have forgot that we play them three more times. Hopefully, he’ll be sent down by then for his sake.”

    Paquette’s response to Marchand? “He can say whatever he wants,” the rookie forward said to Erlendsson. “I don’t really listen to him.”

    With the Lightning in first place in the Atlantic Division, and the Bruins on a four-game win streak, there could be big implications when the two teams meet again. There will also be some scores to settle between Paquette and Chara and/or Marchand.

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