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  • An Ode to Dougie Hamilton

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    An Ode to Dougie Hamilton

    Bob Snow July 2, 2015

    It’s been a week since the Bruins sent their No. 2 defenseman west

    For three unknown draft picks and now fraught with fan and blue-line distress.

    Off to Calgary to join a Flames team on a definitive rise,

    Dougie Hamilton will fit perfectly with his easy manner and smooth stride.

    How did the Flames easily sign him to six years at $34 mill

    While the Bruins are left with no Hamilton skates to fill?

    The answer for the fans in the Hub of Hockey

    Lies likely in the rumor mill that has nothing to do with money.

    Recently labeled a “loner” or “uppity kid” by irrational media hype

    Give Dougie great due as the secure and dedicated introvert-type.

    This type of personality is often not big on post-game revelry and beer,

    But rather more comfortable in their philosophy and secure veneer.

    Do you think the Flames care about a Dougie locker-room smile

    Or are much more aware of the next six years of his on-ice style?

    Best to you, Dougie, as you move onto this new chapter in your career

    And comfortably transition from this unnecessary Boston smear.

    Did the Bruins not know in their 2011 scouting reports

    About Hamilton’s mild-mannered nature and even distant retorts?

    Maybe that answer needs more management introspection

    To keep the organization moving in some form of better direction.

    If being an introvert is not understood for the plusses it can bring

    Then the Bruins are in deep trouble toward any possible Cup ring.

    So off we go to the upcoming 2015-16 hockey season

    Having lost Dougie Hamilton for a likely misunderstood reason.

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