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  • Road to the Winter Classic: Episode 1


    Road to the Winter Classic: Episode 1

    Anthony Travalgia December 17, 2015

    Last night on Epix, NHL.com and BostonBruins.com, the National Hockey League premiered this season’s first episode of the Road to the Winter Classic between the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens. A behind the scenes look at the Bruins and the Canadiens, the four-part series got off to a good start.

    Beginning with the Bruins win in Montreal a week ago, fans got a look at what goes on inside NHL locker rooms, the banter traded back and forth on the ice and a close look into the personal lives of a handful of Bruins and Habs.

    Let’s take a look into some of the highlights from last night’s episode.

    Max Pacioretty, the Boston hater:

    Growing up in New Canaan, Connecticut, Pacioretty was put right in the middle of the Boston/New York rivalry as most from Connecticut are. Unfortunately, Pacioretty chose the wrong side.

    “I was a Rangers fan growing up, so I hated everything about Boston,” said Pacioretty. “I didn’t like the Sox, Patriots, Bruins. So once I came here I just kind of jumped into the role of hating Boston and now instead of loving New York, I love Montreal.”

    To Pacioretty’s defense, despite being one of the New England states, his hometown in Connecticut is closer to New York than it is Boston.

    P.K. Subban the comedian 

    Bruins fans love to hate P.K. Subban and well, you can’t really blame them. From his clutch goals scored against the Bruins to his on-ice antics, it’s easy to despise the Subban.

    But no matter how you feel about the Canadiens’ star defenseman, one thing is for sure: Subban is a funny guy. From his on-ice jokes to his hazing inside the locker room, this season of Road to the Winter Classic will feature a ton of Subban.

    When highlighting the Canadiens loss to the Bruins, Subban lost an edge while skating with the puck. After falling to the ice and allowing the play to finish, Subban had a question for the closet official on the play.

    “Jesus, was that you, was I scared or was that just an edge?”

    Shortly after that fall, Subban had another spill behind the Canadiens net. This time, Subban had something else to blame.

    “I thought it was my skate, but my skate was fine. I had two glasses of wine last night,” Subban joked with teammates.

    Glad to see Subban can keep his sense of humor going on the ice in the midst of such an important game.

    Bergeron the dad:

    For the first time since becoming a parent, the public got to see the Bergeron family now plus-one. Baby Zack made an appearance on the show last night. The brief clip showed Patrice and wife Stephanie talking a stroll in the shadows of TD Garden pushing Zack around in a stroller. Patrice and Stephanie both commented on how things have been since becoming first-time parents. I am sure we will see much more of the Bergeron clan as this season rolls along.

    Chara the “regular guy”

    Probably the most interesting part of the entire episode was Bruins’ Captain Zdeno Chara roaming the streets of the Boston’s North End where Chara resides. What stuck out to me was how friendly Chara was as he would greet each person he walked by. Chara even stopped to take a photo with a group of kids visiting Boston from Nova Scotia.

    “I’m just a regular guy,” Chara stated as he walked the streets of the North End. “I don’t consider myself anything more or less than anybody else. Growing up I always felt that I shouldn’t be treated any differently. I always say I’m just a regular guy.”

    Regular guys don’t come in at 6-feet 9-inches. Other than that, a regular guy is what you are indeed Zdeno.

    Torey Krug = The Rock?

    In Saturday’s afternoon win over the Florida Panthers, a scrum developed. Jumping in to join the fun, Bruins’ defenseman Torey Krug placed his arm around the neck area of Panthers’ forward Vincent Trocheck. The move was seemingly to hold Trocheck back, but Krug had other ideas.

    “I could give you the rock bottom right now,” shouted Krug. “I should have done the Rock Bottom on you.”

    As the scrum died down and the two skated away, Krug had a few more words for Trocheck. “I was going to give you the rock bottom then the people’s elbow.”

    Personally, Torey, I would have enjoyed seeing a Stone Cold Stunner.

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