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    Boston Bruins enjoy lunch from Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto

    Matthew Castle December 16, 2019

    Monday marked an unusual, yet unique practice for the Boston Bruins in Brighton.

    A special guest treated the Black and Gold to an Asian seafood delicacy as the team returned home from their four-game road trip. Renowned chef and star of the famous TV show “Iron Chef” Masaharu Morimoto prepared his favorite team a special sushi lunch in honor of opening his 19th restaurant, Momosan Ramen Boston, at the Hub Hall in The Hub on Causeway.

    Morimoto even tried his hand at some virtual hockey inside Banners. It’s safe to say he’ll be sticking to his day job, however.

    “I went to the Boston Garden last night,” Morimoto said. “In our restaurant called Banners, they have three booths…golf, baseball, hockey. I tried hockey things. I made 800 points but only 36 miles an hour, very slow.”


    Morimoto, decked out in a Bruins shirt and hat, served up his famous cuisine in the Warrior Ice Arena kitchen where the players usually refuel after practice. This time around, one of the best chefs in the world prepared their post-practice meal.

    “I definitely went back for seconds,” Charlie McAvoy said following the meal. “Obviously very cool and a special day for him to come and make lunch for us. It was very delicious and I’m very thankful.”

    It’s not every day that you get to eat five-star sushi, especially at a hockey rink.

    A well-traveled and world-wide sensation, Morimoto has had the pleasure of meeting athletes from across the globe. Yet, he was quite surprised that the Bruins weren’t as bulky compared to some of the other athletes he encountered over the years.

    “I’ve met the baseball players, the football players, so I thought hockey players would be this,” Morimoto said with a laugh as he pumped out his chest and flexed his arms. “A little skinnier than I thought. Not skinny but more protein.”

    Morimoto’s new restaurant is the latest addition to the ever-growing state of the art facilities on Causeway Street. The Bruins have slowly turned their home arena into one of the most thriving areas in all of Boston.

    “The year I got drafted we had a presentation and it was all pictures of what it was going to look like in a couple of years,” McAvoy added. “To see that come to fruition, it’s even cooler than I could have imagined.”

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    Matthew Castle

    Matt is a recent graduate from the Pennsylvania State University with a degree in sports journalism and a minor in business. He currently reports on the Boston Bruins and writes featured stories and game recaps for both Bruins Daily and Boston.com


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