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  • Jake and Louie DeBrusk share a funny pregame moment

    Tim Rosenthal February 20, 2020

    Jake DeBrusk grew up in Edmonton watching his father, Louie drop the gloves more often than not during his tenure with the Oilers. Nowadays, Louie provides commentary between the glass for Rogers Sportsnet.

    Louie is no stranger to viral moments. After all, the tear he shed following Jake’s first career goal back in 2017 remains a classic to many Bruins fans to this day.

    On Wednesday, father and son reunited both on and off the ice with the Bruins in town to face the Oilers. And the two shared another fun-loving viral moment when Louie interviewed Jake during the pregame warmups.

    Here’s a look at the heartwarming father-son moment.

    “Well, hey kiddo,” Louie said in his opening question to his son. “It’s nice to have you home for a couple of days. I mean, Edmonton kid growing up in this city, is it still special for you to come back home and play?”

    “Yeah, it always is,” Jake replied. “It’s nice to see the friends and family. But I’m kind of sick of my dad’s hunting stories, so that’s why I think it’s a little sketchy.”

    Jake made sure to get a friendly jab in right away before taking the next question from his father on the Bruins’ hot streak.

    “Alright,” Louie said after a chuckle. “You guys are on a roll right now against another team who’s on a roll. What do you have to do to keep this thing going?”

    “Yeah, we just have to stay consistent,” Jake answered. “You know, we’ve been rolling four lines pretty well…and just try to play our game. I think we’re trying to build our game — every game — throughout this year, so keep doing what we’re doing and try to limit their offensive chances.”

    (The Bruins indeed stuck to that gameplan in their 2-1 overtime win to kick off their Western Canada swing.)

    Remembering that dig from Jake’s first answer, Louie bounced back nicely with his next question.

    “What’s this I was hearing about you chirping about my hair today,” Louie said.

    “You have a tough flow, I’m not going to lie,” replied Jake, who had a lengthy flock of lettuce of his own at the start of training camp. “A few [people] were saying that you were copying my hair. So yeah that’s pretty much what that was about.”

    The friendly digs came to an end after that as Jake resumed his warmup. But the two made sure to share one more loving moment before moving on to their respective roles for the evening.

    “Listen kiddo,” Louie said. “Get the feet going. I don’t want to say anything bad about you tonight.”

    “Thanks, Dad,” Jake replied. “Love you.”

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    Tim Rosenthal

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