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Lucic drops gloves with a familiar foe

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(Getty Images) Milan Lucic and Mike Komisarek dropped the gloves for the third time in their carrer, and much like the on-ice score, it was a lopsided affair

During the 2008-09 National Hockey League season, second-year-forward Milan Lucic and then resident Montreal Canadiens tough guy Michael Komisarek decided to add a footnote to what is the best rivalry in all of hockey.

In the third period of what was a 6-1 Bruins victory over their longtime rival back in November of 2008, Lucic and Komisarek engaged in a lopsided fight that sparked the Lucic/Komisarek rivalry. Fired up from the fight, Lucic motioned to the crowd, and slammed his palms along the glass as he skated into the penalty box, something that reminded Bruins fans of yesteryears of a fierce Cam Neely.

Komisarek missed the next 16 games following that fight due to a separated shoulder.

Just months later in the opening round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the eighth seeded Habs hosted the top seeded Bruins as they fought for dear life after falling behind in the series 3-0. Lucic and Komisarek danced again, another lopsided win by Lucic.

Komisarek left the Canadiens after the 08-09 season and signed with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Often a healthy scratch during his time in Toronto, Komisarek was in the lineup for the Bruins 8-0 beat down of the Leafs last night, but after this one, Komisarek probably wishes he was up on level nine enjoying the free popcorn.

Lucic and Komisarek dropped the gloves for round three, and which has been the case the previous two times, Lucic was the clear winner.

“At that point, you’re down a couple goals and we don’t have any shots on net. Schenny [Luke Schenn] steps up and tries to show up, and I’m not going to wait for Grabo [Mikhail Grabovski] to go out there and fight their tough guy” said Komisarek.

“You go out there and just try to show up, and give a couple licks, take a couple licks, and step up I guess. So, it’s pretty tough.”

Sorry to break it to you Komisarek, but all the licks were given by Lucic and taken by you.

Lucic had some praise for Komisarek

“I mean, you’re right. It seems like so long ago” said Lucic who had an assist in last night’s win. “But he’s a guy whose definitely gonna compete and he’s just trying to show some emotion in a time like that. Obviously, you don’t ever like to be on the other end of things and whatever happened happened there. Fortunately for me I came out on top.”

The Lucic vs. Komisarek rivalry has been an entertaining three-round affair, but it’s in No. 8’s best interest to prevent a round four from happening.

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