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  • Road to the Winter Classic: Episode 2


    Road to the Winter Classic: Episode 2

    Anthony Travalgia December 24, 2015

    Last night’s second episode of four featuring the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens as the two long time rivals continue their road to the Winter Classic once again did not disappoint. From Brad Marchand’s time with the Boston Pops to Jimmy Hayes’ return home to Montreal’s road struggles there was plenty of entertainment to go around.

    Let’s look at some of the highlights from episode two.

    Brad Marchand gets into the Christmas spirit

    Brad Marchand Pops

    An agitator and a pest on the ice, Brad Marchand is a whole different guy off the ice as we saw in last night’s episode. Getting into the Christmas spirit a little early, Marchand joined the Boston Pops during one of their holiday shows where he led the Pops in reciting “Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

    Playing in two Stanley Cup Finals as a Bruin, Marchand has played in some big hockey games, but despite being in a setting where the lights are much less bright, Marchand still had some nerves. Even with those nerves, Marchand had a way to settle them.

    “I’ll be fine,” Marchand said, “a couple of shots of whiskey before I go out there.”

    P.K. Subban gives back and gives back in a big way

    Last week we saw the comedy side of P.K. Subban, this week it was his charitable side. A few month’s ago, Subban committed to donating $10 million — which equates to 15 percent of his salary — to the Children’s Hospital of Montreal over the next seven years.

    Last night’s episode focused on the team’s annual trip to the hospital, but it was Subban who stood out. You can hate the Montreal Canadiens all you want but seeing the smiles on these poor kids faces had to warm your heart, it warmed mine.


    Jimmy Hayes shows the world Dorchester, Massachusetts

    Road to the Winter Classic, Hockey Documentaries

    EPIX took a trip to Dorchester to visit Jimmy Hayes’ hometown in Episode 2 of Road to the Winter Classic.

    Growing up minutes away from TD Garden in Dorchester, Massachusetts, Jimmy Hayes always dreamt of someday calling TD Garden home. After a trade from Florida sent him to Boston during the summer, TD Garden is indeed home.

    Wednesday’s episode featured Hayes and a walkthrough of the area where Jimmy and brother/New York Rangers’ forward Kevin grew up in Adams Village, the Irish part of Dorchester. If you look close enough, the Bruins Daily office makes a brief cameo.

    Brandon Gallagher says hi to Andy Dalton

    It’s been a tough season for Canadiens’ forward Brandon Gallagher who is currently recovering from a hand injury. Finally starting to skate lately, Gallagher got a call from another athlete that too has a hand injury. Growing up a longtime Bengals fan, Bengals Quarterback Andy Dalton gave Gallagher a face time phone call.

    Gallagher was clearly excited during and after the call. It was kind of funny to see one professional athlete get so excited about talking to another.

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